We will drive  further up toSangaygang to enjoy the bird’s eye view of Thimphu valley. BBS Tower AKA Sangaygang which is located North West of the Thimphu Valley is the popular spot or famous for the dating and taking a walk around the blue pines, it’s around miles drive from the Thimphu valley. The Places has the top hills which gives a clear view of the entire Thimphu valley in a nutshell and the feeling from there is just fantastic. Bhutan First Broadcasting Service BBS which runs the radio and television network in the Country has the largest tower built there. Though it is a restricted zone to entry the place during the night hours. The place is ideally located uphills with good motor road to access across the hills, which gives elderly and sporty people a pleasure for a walk and jog uphills from the base area. Most people living in Thimphu get themselves shed few kilos of calories while giving themselves a hourly walk or jog towards the Tower place. As you go towards the BBS Tower, you get the chance to take the road or climb the steep slopes or take gentle steep and burn the fats of your body.