Membar Tsho (The Burning Lake)

Membartsho (alternatively spelt Mebar Tsho) is a holy site, revered as the place where Pema Lingpa, Bhutan’s greatest terton(treasure finder), discovered several of Guru Rinpoche’s terma in the 15th century.The pool in the Tang Valley, near Bumthang in central Bhutan is known locally as the Burning Lake, because according to legend, Pema Lingpa had a dream urging him to go to that particular spot in the Tang Chuu river. After standing on the rocks looking into the depths he discerned there was a temple at the bottom with many doors, one of which was open. He dove in and swam into a large cave where a woman with one eye handed him a treasure chest. As he took it from her he found himself back on dry land.