Tour of the Dragon(Bicycle Race)

Bumthang to Thimphu

START DATE: September 5, 2020

END DATE: September 5, 2020

LOCATION: Bumthang to Thimphu


Tour of the Dragon is an annual international event held every first weekend of September, where bikers from all around the world come to participate this event. Tour of Dragon starts in Bumthang and travels 268km over 4 mountain passes before finishing Thimphu. It’s one of the toughest one-day mountain bike races in the world.

The race not only is the most challenging on day event in the world but also one of the most beautiful-taking one by pristine natural surroundings including some of the last virgin forest in the world. It is definitely the most scenic, taking one through different but interrupted ecosystem and high mountain passes that open up to view of some of the highest peak in the world-stretched across the horizon.


HANAH Founder Joel Einhorn chose His Royal Highness Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck of Bhutan and they talked about one tough bike race.

Joel Einhorn: What is the Tour of the Dragon?
His Royal Highness Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck: is an adventure sport initiative, introducing mountain biking as a healthy way of living to the citizens of Bhutan while promoting Bhutan as an adventure sports destination to the world. The Tour of the Dragon is the most challenging one-day mountain bike race in the world, and the premier cycling race in Bhutan, featuring a 268 km bike ride that goes over four mountain passes. At the same, it is also undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, taking you through the breadth of the country.

JE: Why is it considered one of the most difficult one-day events in the world?
HRH: The race is considered the most difficult because of the gain in altitude, the distance—which is 268 kilometers in one day—and also the very challenging Himalayan terrain featuring landslides, potholes and natural obstacles, such as traffic and domestic animals, that one may encounter on the road. There is nothing quite like it and the completion rate is, at best, 50%.

The very challenging Himalayan terrain featuring landslides, potholes and natural obstacles, such as traffic and domestic animals.

JE: What are your goals for the Tour of the Dragon?
HRH: Ever since the inception of the race, there has been a visible organic growth of Bhutanese mountain bikers who are enjoying the outdoors, living healthy, and passing on the legacy of the joy of riding the mountain bike to the future generation. The event has also received attention from the international mountain biking fraternity and the race has been mentioned in several international outdoor magazines.

My goal has always been to create a world-class cycling event in Bhutan and to promote it as a sports destination. As long as people get to enjoy Bhutan on their wheels safely, that’s all I can ask for.

Article Courtesy: Joel Einhorn