Chhorten Kora Tshechu

Chorten Kora - Trashiyangtse

START DATE: April 8, 2020

END DATE: April 22, 2020

LOCATION: Chorten Kora - Trashiyangtse


Chorten Kora is one of oldest religious festivals of eastern Bhutan which is held annually at the Chorten Kora, Trashiyangtse. It was built in 1970 on the spot where Lam Ngawang Loday subdued a demon that kept on harming local people and travelers.It was very difficult then to make pilgrimage trip to Nepal from Bhutan.

So it’s said that Chorten Kora was built as an alternative stupa of offerings for Bhutanese. Its architectural design is suppose to resemble the great Boudhanath Stupa of Nepal. So story of Chorten Kora is still about the close relationship between Tawang and Trashiyangtse so much is about spiritual sacrifice of Twang Princess.